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Schedule of Courses - Updated Daily

Please be aware that this schedule is constantly changing, and courses that may appear as open are not guaranteed.

Schedule of Courses

Colleagues and providers who receive any compensation from the organizations:

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Independent and Affiliated Providers:

You will need a username and password and can obtain that from the Epic Training Desk at 781.744.1061 or the Medical Staff office at x 2732.

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Provider Customization Labs

You may now register for the Provider Customization Labs by calling the Epic Training Concierge Desk at 781.744.1061 or emailing In order to accommodate all users, please be sure to register in advance for these labs.

  • In addition to completing your Epic training, you are strongly encouraged to complete a 2-hour Provider Customization Lab. The purpose of the lab is to make the system easier to use upon Go Live through the following ways:

    -Customize Epic to each individual’s needs
    -Access a wide array of pre-built templates to save time documenting
    -Customize any template to fit personal preferences
    -Configure Epic to readily view preferred information
    -Select favorite Order Sets, Smart Sets, Orders (labs, procedures, meds) for high speed documentation
    -Utilize existing Epic tools to ensure a smooth transition during Go Live

Customization labs will begin the week of June 29. These sessions are two providers to one trainer and are an excellent opportunity to customize orders and notes to help improve your efficiency. In order to limit impacts to patient care, we are offering a variety of days, times, and locations for you to attend. The locations are as follows:

Beverly: Kauders, Child Development Center – 204, Physician Library Conference Room
BayRidge Hospital: South 1
Addison Gilbert: Bowen
Danvers: Physician Lounge

If you have any questions, please contact the Epic Training Concierge Desk.

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